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Dental Services

The place for expert care for your teeth, we have specialists to operate patients for dental implants and other dental services like smile makeover, teeth whitening and orthodontics.


Running a leading diagnostic centre, we have facilities for pathology, radiology and clinical trials. The experienced and trained staff here is dedicated towards getting to the roots of the patient's ailments.


We have a multi-speciality rehabilitation clinic providing Occupational Therapy , Sensory Integration Therapy , Speech Therapy and Physiotherapy.

About us

A tertiary care facility, we are a leading medical care facility with a strong network of physicians. We vouch to get to people the care and quality services that they deserve. Committed to building an all-round care facility that isn’t heavy on the pockets of the people, we make efforts to upheld our legacy of clinical excellence.

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Meet Our Team

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Head of Rehabilitation Centre

A practicing dental surgeon for the past 10 years, he is the expert in the field. With an expertise in dental implants, he has also made some ground-breaking research work in the area.

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Dental Surgeon

Practicing for 15 years in the field of physiotherapy and neurological disorders, she is the best in the field. She has a long trail of patients who are full of gratitude towards her.

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Head of Diagnostics

Working in the field for nearly 10 years, he has attained pinnacles of accuracy and precision. A renowned pathologist, he has made some brilliant research in the area.

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